04 July 2016

West County Stroll

We left home this 4th of July morning to go for a walk and have breakfast.  We drove through Graton first to see if by chance Willowood Cafe was open, no such luck.  Continuing west on Graton Road we thought we could possibly get in to Howard's Station in Occidental.  It appeared by the line outside that all of West County had decided to have breakfast at Howard's Station.  Our next option was to hope that WildFlour Bakery in Freestone would be open and not too packed.  

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We lucked out, they were open.  Near the cash register they have several of their fresh breads cut to be sampled.  I tried 2,  and the Egyptian fig, pear bread.  I love something sweet with my coffee, so I decided to take home a loaf of the fig pear bread.  

Took this shot so I can try to recreate these treats!

We ordered one white nectarine, marzipan, rose water scone and one strawberry lemon scone and a latte, the tab was a bit over $20.00.  Ordering one scone and sharing it would have been plenty, but we each wanted a different kind, besides, Mark ended up eating another half after our stroll.

Meditation Garden at Osmosis Day Spa

We walked down Bohemian Highway and lucked out, the gate to Osmosis Day Spa and Sanctuary was open and a woman who worked their invited us in

Meditation Garden at Osmosis Day Spa

We strolled the meditation garden.  What a peaceful way to spend the morning. 

As we walked back to our car I noticed the garden behind the bakery and we decided to stroll through it.  Wow, what an impressive garden

Lots of berries, raspberries and boysenberries.  A growing arbor with kiwi that looked like they were just planted, lots of lettuce, peas and herbs.  Not much walking, but a fun Forth of July morning.