18 July 2011

The gardens survivors and victims of vacation

Before leaving on vacation for two and a half weeks I had spent my days getting my garden in order so that everything would, hopefully, be in good shape when I arrived home.  Some things flourished while others became victims of predators.  These photos were shot by me with my trusty iphone...see if you can tell!
Eggplant are doing better than they were at about this time last year.
Cucumber has tiny babies coming on!  The cosmos are weeds, soon to be removed... 

Basil is chugging along, waiting for the tomatoes.
Pumpkin looks happy.  Thank you, Candace!
Tomatoes obviously had plenty of water.  They loved getting watered every other day.
They even have fruit!
The crook neck squash is doing well, as are the weeds in the foreground.
But then there were...
The one edamame still standing, the others look like the one in the bottom, center if they can be found at all.
Saddest of all is the green beans, all that's left are the stems.  

The slugs and snails were all fed bait tonight after I replanted green bean starts. 

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